• Murhaf Jouejati was interviewed in a segment for NPR titled “Syrian Opposition Group Treads New Territory In Geneva.” Listen here.  He was also quoted in the Al Jazeera article, “Iran 1979: A revolution that shook the world.”
  • Daniel Serwer was interviewed by Voice of Americanon reports of Syrian extremists using oil and gas revenue to finance their operations, and in the segment, “Even Talking is Hard for Syrian Negotiators.” He also wrote a piece, “Syria: Par for the Course,” for E-International Relations.
  • Greg Myre wrote a piece for NPR, titled “Report: Syrian Government has Demolished Entire Neighborhoods.”
  • Richard Murphy was interviewed by Voice of Russia on foreign terrorists fighting in Syria.
  • Holding Aid Hostage in Syria
  • Jamie Dettmer
  • In Syria the horror of a prolonged vicious conflict has been compounded by aid being held hostage to politics and combat. The lack of adequate medical care, food, and shelter has added to the death toll and misery that has made Syria the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe this century.
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