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Press release, 8.2.2016 – People in Diyarbakir protest Merkel visit in Turkey: “Are you ready to accept additional hundreds of thousand Kurdish refugees from Turkey?”Today a group has gathered in the Sümerpark area in the city of Diyarbakir in order to protest the German chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel who is visiting Turkey. The protestors criticized Merkel for her double faced policy on the refugee crisis and particularly the deal of the EU with Turkey.In their speech the following statement has been done:


The EU has signed a deal with the Turkish government in October 2015 which has the aim to hold millions of refugees in Turkey with different means and actions and not to let them to go to Europe. However, this has the effect that the EU has become dependent from the Turkish government more than ever which has for the people of the Kurdish regions in Turkey grave impacts. Because of this deal the Turkish government has got a free hand in its war against the Kurds which has been started in July 2015 and led to the death of 250 civilians and the destruction of four cities. The EU and the European governments do not criticize any more the human rights violations and crimes of the Turkish state against the Kurdish population. They have even opened new chapters in the EU accession process of Turkey.

Merkel and EU are only interested that refugees do not come in large numbers to Europe. Here at first we would like to state that the policies of the EU and USA have a certain responsibility for the continuation of the wars in Syria, Iraq and other countries. They still do not enough to stop the wars, especially their partner Turkey is supporting IS and other jihadists in Syria. Thus they have the responsibility to take an important part of the refugees.

We further believe that Turkey abuse the refugee issue to make pressure on the West on different subjects (like an intervention into Syria) and to make silence on its brutal war in our regions. And do not forget that through the support of IS and other jihadists in Syria by Turkey (in cooperation with Saudi Arabia) the refugee crisis has been deepened. While these are the realities, how the EU wants to act with Turkey in the sense of peace, democracy and stability?

The most crucial thing is: The refugee deal with the Turkish government allows the Turkish state to suppress the Kurds who are the main actor for democracy in Turkey. The war of the state against the Kurds has started to produce refugees in our region. Already half million people have changed their homes. They are still in our region. But if the war continues more people will be displaced. Then they will go to West-Turkey and probably further to Europe where they have many relatives who fled in the 90’ies when their villages had been destroyed by the Turkish Army.

The dirty deal between Turkey and the EU brings us to a point where we do not ask whether Turkey will meet EU accession criteria. As we understand the EU accession criteria are valid as long as core political-economic interests are not touched.

Finally we want to ask Merkel two questions:

1) Are you aware which results has your policy towards Turkey here in our region?

2) Are you ready to accept hundreds of thousand Kurdish refugees in the EU in the coming months and years?

Mesopotamian Ecology Movement