• The Iranian regime detained eight more Kurdish activists in its ongoing campaign against Kurdish political rights. In Javanrud (Jwanro), Iranian authorities arrested a Kurdish man named Hussein Mirzie on Saturday. In Sardasht, Iranian security forces arrested a Christian Kurd named Sherko Saweshi and a second Christian Kurd from Sardasht named Mehdi Ibrahimzada in Fars Province. Iranian authorities also arrested four more Kurds from Sardasht on Thursday and accused them of “aiding Kurdish opposition parties.” Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) reported unknown Iranian officials abducted a 35-year-old Kurdish man named Khabat Kafakhari in Sanandaj. Makhiri was previously contacted by several Iranian security services. Finally, Iranian authorities arrested two Kurds from Marivan, Nawshiran Razaiie and Farzad Muradi, and another from Baneh named Shareif Amini.
  • Iranian authorities injured eight Kurdish border porters (Kolbars) last week. Last Tuesday, Iranian border guards wounded a 50-year-old Kolbar named Jafaar Ramazani in Kermanshah Governorate’s Nowsud town. Iranian border guards then ambushed and severely wounded three more Kolbars in the same area on Wednesday. Concurrently, Iranian security forces injured a total of four Kolbars in Chaldaron, Piranshahr, and Sardasht. Finally, Iranian authorities arrested three local businessmen, 31-year-old Sohaib Kawa, 30-year-old Rebwar Arazhangi, and 25-year-old Mohammed Arazhangi, who were involved with Kolbar activities in Marivan

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