• Three Kurdish border porters, known as “Kolbars,” were injured by the Iranian border guards on 23 and 24 of May in Nalous heights near Oshnehav city. Near Piranshahr a Kolbar was severely injured after he fell into an ambush by the Iranian guards on Sunday. Last week’s attacks on the Kolbars raised their casualties to 40 killed and 80 injured since the beginning of 2019.
  • The Iranian intelligence officers (Etelaat) arrested three Kurdish activists in Sanandaj on Thursday. The activists are identified as Riza Mohammadi, Rebwar Manbary, and Adris Manbary who are members of a cultural and linguistic organization. On Sunday the Etelaat arrested three more Kurds in a village near Sanandaj. No information has been released by the security forces for the reasons behind their arrest. In Marivan a civil society organization reported that the activists who were arrested two weeks ago are under physical torture by the Etelaat office. The activists were detained after they protested domestic violence against women in Marivan.
  • A group of drivers and workers protested for six months of unpaid wages in Urmia. The protesters gathered in front of the municipality of Urmia. Recently the protests have increased across Iran and the Kurdish region against the policies of the Iranian regime for the poor living conditions and the mismanagement of the public wealth.
  • On Wednesday, Kurdish students of Kurdistan University in Sanandaj protested against remarks and statements by the head of the Basij forces of the University against the Kurdish culture and traditional clothing. According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK), Anab Joibar, the head of the Basij made remarks insulting the Kurdish culture which stirred up anger among the Kurdish students. The Kurdish students called upon the regime to respect the multi-ethnicity and culture in Iran.