SDF General Commander: Turkey hinders solution, Afrin occupation’s facts hidden in Astana, Sochi meetings

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Kobani said that Turkey is the main obstacle to any solution in Syria, stressing that it is not possible to reach a permanent understanding with Turkey without resolving the issue of Afrin, and said that the facts of the occupation of Afrin are hidden in the meetings of Astana and Sochi.

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In an interview with UAE newspaper of al-Bayan, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Kobani, said the issue of reaching a comprehensive settlement ends the Syrian crisis, and it is a matter belongs to the Syrians above all. We believe in the principle of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue as a fundamental pillar in Syria to solve all the existing issues, including the issue of north and east Syria.”

He pointed out that the central government in Damascus is still far from accepting the current situation in the north and east of Syria, and their proposals for finding a comprehensive solution, namely the acceptance of the existing Autonomous Administration and the specificity of SDF, pointing out that what is said about an American role is obstructing the dialogue between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Damascus with a “secondary role,” and that the political options for the components of northern and eastern Syria are not subjected to the will of the external powers.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that Turkey is the one that hinders any possible settlement in Syria, especially in the northeastern regions.

He added that “the Turkish government seeks through several channels which we know well to coordinate with the central government in Damascus, and looks forward to normalize relations with Damascus at the expense of the Syrian people in all its components in northern and eastern Syria, and publicly declare the necessity to re-activate the Adana security agreement, which allows the entry of Turkish troops to the Syrian territory whenever they wanted.

He added, “But we say that the normalization of relations on the basis of fighting the Kurdish component in Syria under the Adana agreement did not benefit the regime anything, but was one of the main reasons for the Syrian crisis, and will not benefit the regime anything in the future only to legitimize the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territory and strengthen the terrorist gangs who are operating on the Syrian territory.”

Kobani pointed out that the period of previous openness between the Syrian government and Turkey, after Bashar al-Assad took power, was at the expense of the Kurdish Cause, but if we deep consider that stage, we see that Turkey was established for the threads of Syria destruction in this stage of openness through planting security cells, and supporting specific projects benefiting the Turkish economy at the expense of Syria’s interests, hoping that the government will not repeat this mistake again.

Kobani said about Turkey’s objectives in Syria, “Turkey publicly declare on the tongue of its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that it will not withdraw from the occupied territories in Syria, and seeks to occupy areas east of the Euphrates and Manbij, annexing them to the territories it had formerly occupied on the pretext of protecting the Turkish national security. Recently, it stepped up its security and military work to reach this goal.”

Mazloum Kobani said of the so-called buffer zone which Turkey seeks to form, “We have previously stated that we accept the idea of a buffer zone that serves security and stability in the East Euphrates region with international protection, and the talks to reach a formula acceptable to all parties have been continuing until now. We are insisting that the buffer zone must avoid Turkish intervention in the Syrian territory. Turkey is not allowed to interfere in the Syrian territory and does not give legitimacy to the Turkish presence, in exchange for taking the Turkish demand with respect to the security of its borders, and of course it is impossible to reach a permanent understanding with Turkey without resolving the Afrin issue.”

The Commander-in-Chief of SDF Mazloum Kobani said that the restoration of Afrin to its people is our central issue and it is impossible to talk about any development in the political solution or security and stability in the north and east of Syria without Afrin. The return of Afrin residents without exception and international protection, giving back their stolen property, the removal of the demographic change and the return of Afrin to the normal status are the decisive factor in the continuation and success of the discussions on the buffer zone.

“We regard that the occupation of Afrin was as a result of an international conspiracy and the proof of that is the international community’s silence towards Afrin, and the hidden facts that you mentioned are hidden in the meetings of Astana and Sochi,” he said in response to a question on the facts about the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

The General Commander Mazloum Kobani confirmed, “We believe that after the great sacrifices made by the Syrian people in all components, especially in the areas of northern and eastern Syria, history will not repeat itself. The unification of the components of the north and east of Syria and the fighting of the youths of all components of the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Syriacs and Turkmens under the banner of SDF against terrorism made a solid foundation for the successful project of the management of the components of the region themselves within the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria.”