A thought !

A certain large country, a “NATO ally” allowed 50,000+ people to cross its border to join ISIS in 2014…ISIS expanded rapidly and committed genocide of Yazidis and laid siege to Kobane.

In response the besieged YPG was able to help save Yazidis and also partnered with the US to push ISIS back from Kobane. The US said “let’s create the SDF so this will not just be a Kurdish force.” So the YPG did that.

Then the YPG liberated areas from ISIS.

Then the country that had allowed all these ISIS members to go to Syria became angry at the SDF progress and invaded Syria to stop the progress…then it bombed Sinjar where YPG-linked elements were living with Yazidis they helped save…then it invaded Kurdish Afrin and then it invaded Tel Abyad.

If that “NATO ally” had not let ISIS grow in the first place by enabling so many to cross the border, or if it had helped stop the genocide of Yazidis or stop ISIS from taking Tel Abyad and other areas…there would have been no rise of the YPG and SDF…and no excuse for invasion in October 9, 2019…and airstrikes on Sinjar on Nov 4-5, harming Yazidis.

So what’s happening?

It was the NATO ally that fueled the extremists AND fueled the YPG which rose to fight them. And then the “ally” demands the US let it attack the SDF, which the US helped create, which would not have existed in the first place if not for the NATO ally’s bad border policy and blind eye to extremism.

Bit strange and so many suffered because of it…Yazidis genocided, 500,000 IDPs fleeing and then Christians cleansed/expelled from Nineveh plains and then Christians expelled from Khabour in Syria and other areas…Yazidis expelled from Afrin and Syria due to NATO invasion. 300,000 expelled in October 2019, mostly Kurds, with 14,000 fleeing to KRG. Almost a million made homeless including the other millions who suffered in Iraq and Syria.

Almost like what has happened in Iraq and Syria is the end policy of what began in 1915…the total attempt to destroy minorities in Iraq and Syria. And which country began it in 1915…and is trying to “finish” it today?

Is it a coincidence?

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