1. Nov 2020 – IRAQ OIL REPORT – Military conflict is escalating near oil fields in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. Multiple security officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that on Wednesday an IED planted by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) killed at least one Peshmerga, and ensuing shooting injured several others. The PKK denied this version of events, which took place near two oil fields in Dohuk province that produce 15 percent of the oil under KRG control

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Pipeline exports to Turkey are at risk. The IED and shooting incident in Dohuk came less than a week after an explosion on the Turkish side of the Iraq-Turkey Pipeline that has also been blamed on the PKK. The explosion shut down oil flows from fields controlled by both the federal Iraqi government and the KRG for around 12 hours, delaying the pumping of more than $6 million worth of crude. The PKK has not claimed responsibility for any deliberate sabotage of the export pipeline since 2015. The rising tensions between the KRG’s ruling party and the guerrilla group make such attacks more likely, and highlight a resurgent risk to the oil sector. Read the full story on Iraqi Oil Report.

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