ENKS demanded to withdraw from coalition

 Tirbespiyê people called on the Kurdish National Council(ENKS) to withdraw from the Syrian coalition, and be flexible in dialogue to unify the Kurdish ranks.

NEWS 26 Jan 2021, Tue – 07:59 2021-01-26T07:59:00  – The people of the district in Qamishlo canton demanded that the Kurdish Council to cooperate with the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) and the Autonomous Administration, for Kurdish unity.

Naif Muhammad Amin said:

“What is required, today, is for all Kurdish parties and political figures to support the initiative for the unity of the Kurdish ranks in all parts of Kurdistan, especially in Rojava, which faces danger from all sides, especially the threat of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries who occupied areas of Rojava and looted, stole and destroyed everything. ”

He added: “The Kurdish National Council is still within the Turkish coalition, and its officials make statements against the Autonomous Administration, serving the enemies of the Kurdish cause, especially the Turkish occupation, so it must move away from arguments and allegations and cooperate with the Autonomous Administration to achieve the unity of the Kurdish ranks.”

 ‘Stop cooperating

For her part, Fatima Badr pointed out that “the occupation is the greatest enemy of the Kurdish cause,” and called on the National Council to “stop cooperating with it and listen to the demands of the Kurdish street.”

 ‘Withdrawal from the coalition

For his part, Abdul Rahman Hassan warned the Kurdish National Council against establishing relations that harm the Kurdish interest, calling on it to “disengage from the occupied Turkish state, strengthen the relationship with the Autonomous Administration, take flexibility in the Kurdish dialogue, and adhere to the unity of the Kurdish ranks.”

He continued: “Pictures of the so-called Abdullah Kado – who is one of the representatives of the Kurdish National Council in the Syrian Coalition – have spread in which he reads the Fatiha on the grave of a mercenary of the Turkish occupation army in Afrin, and the fighter’s killer Hevrin Khalaf sits.  From the Syrian coalition, and not cooperating with the enemy of the Kurdish people “.