Ilham Ahmed: meetings with Syrian regime did not yield any results

Ilham Ahmed noted that the Syrian government, instead of resorting to solving the Syrian crisis, is destabilizing the security and stability of the region, creating discord between the Kurds and the Arabs, and blowing up all the attempts that initiate this. She explained that their meetings with the Syrian government did not yield any results, and she said: “Note that the Russians showed their willingness to play the guarantor role, but failed to do so.


13 Oct 2020, Tue – 16:18 2020-10-13T16:18:00 Qamishlo  ANHA

On Tuesday, the eighth symposium of the Democratic Syrian Council has begun in the Zana hall in the city of Qamishlo, under the slogan “Towards a national conference for the people of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates” to ensure citizenship and the rights of all components in a unified Syria, and to promote participation in the institutions of the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, and to develop and empower the autonomous and civil administrations.

130 figures including representatives of clans, parties and political forces, the Kurdish National Council, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Jazira region, intellectuals, jurists and independent personalities will participate in the activities of the symposium.

The symposium, which is now being held in Qamishlo, was opened by a member of the Presidency Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Janda Muhammad, and said: “The pace of events, unrest, and local, regional and international dangers is accelerating dramatically these days.

“Ten years have passed since the freedom uprising, which later turned into a crisis, which created a deep rift in the country, and the components of northern and eastern Syria realized the rapid events that occurred early, and established a democratic system beside the region, many disasters,” said Janda Muhammad.

Janda Muhammad confirmed that the Syrian Democratic Council proposed a political vision to solve the Syrian crisis that is familiar with human values ​​and morals, and preserved Syrian gains by promoting civil peace.

‘The political process and the status quo is very complex and crisis-oriented’

Afterwards, the head of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, spoke, explaining on recent happenings, and what they should do from now on, depends on the proposals and opinions of the attendees, and said: “Today we saw that it is necessary for discussion at the political level to take opinions and proposals to solve the Syrian crisis. ”

Ilham Ahmed said, “The political process and the situation the Syrians are going through is very complex and tense, and the Syrian crisis is being traded between external forces.” She explained, “We saw the Geneva and Astana meetings that did not result in the absence of the Syrian decision in those meetings.”

Ilham Ahmed indicated that the meetings that were held, such as the Astana meeting, caused events that changed the demographic structure of Syria, and had a negative impact on the Syrians, and half of the Syrians were displaced outside the country, and thousands of them lost their lives under the rubble, and Syria turned to ashes, all because of the incompatibility between the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition, and said: “We are facing a major crisis, we have lost half of our land.”

Ilham Ahmed indicated that the Syrian government is determined to run the country with its authoritarian mentality and not concede its decisions regarding resolving the crisis, and the opposition serves foreign agendas, especially the Turkish state, and does not serve the Syrian revolution, and said: “In the beginning, the Syrian revolution was peaceful calling for freedom, and then its course transformed into an armed opposition that does not serve the interest of the Syrian people. ”

Ahmed explained that the Syrian government considers itself the original owner of Syria, and said: “That is why it gives messages to the residents of the region, and tries to convince people that they will return to the region sooner or later, and these attempts fall within the framework of the special war that it follows, and that what happened in Deir Ezzor was fabricated by it. ”

Ilham Ahmed noted that “instead of solving the Syrian crisis, the Syrian government is destabilizing the security and stability of the region, and creating discord between the Kurds and Arabs.”

Ahmed said, “We are sure that the regions of northern and eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria will be the main pillar to take Syria to a new stage if we build it well.”

Ahmed confirmed that their meetings with the Syrian government did not yield any results. She said, “Knowing that the Russians have shown their willingness to play the role of guarantor, but they have failed in this role.”

She explained that the importance of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue lies in uniting the Syrian ranks, and all the allegations that the region will turn into a separate region, similar to the experience of the Kurdistan region, are incorrect.

Ilham Ahmed noted that the allegations being circulated are to incite Turkey to launch new attacks on the region.

Then the door was opened for questions and discussions, which centered around dialogues with the coalition and the Syrian government and the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, and the demand to find a way to open dialogues with all Syrian political parties to form a unified framework that can gather the opinions of all components of the Syrian people to reach a project agreed upon by the Syrian people for the future of their country.