MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : SOUTH KURDISTAN/IRAQ BURNING ! – Nearly Half of Border Villages Evacuated Due to PKK-Turkey Conflict

BasNews 07/11/2019 – 20:45 Published in Kurdistan –  ERBIL – As a result of the prolonged armed confrontations between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Turkey in the Kurdistan Region border areas, 40% of the villages in the area have already been evacuated, an official said on Thursday.

Head of local administration in the region of Sidakan, Ehsan Chalabi, said in a statement that there is a possibility of more evacuations as the conflict between the two sides has intensified in the past few months.

Slemam Aziz, a resident of Bradost area, in northeastern capital Erbil, told Kurdistan 24 that they had evacuated their village because of the Turkish bombardments in the region.He explained that several members of his family had been wounded in the Turkish airstrikes, while the bombardments also resulted in great damages to the civilians’ properties as well.