Sehr geehrter @HeikoMaas, Ihr britischer Amtskollege sagt es deutlich. Gibt es von Deutschland auch eine Stellungnahme? #Israel #UNO #UNHRC

Jeremy HuntVerified account @Jeremy_Hunt – 22 Mar 2019 – It cannot be right that Israel – the world’s only Jewish State – is the only nation the UN Human Rights Council dedicates an entire agenda item to. We must stand against discrimination. My OpEd on why tomorrow we’ll be voting against all Item 7 resolutions  …

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A lot of the statements on the Golan Heights are hot air. Many Syrians (understatement, I’d say most) don’t care a) they think the Assads gave it up long ago & used the rhetoric to distract from everything else b) actual Syrian towns & cities are destroyed & are a priority.

Hassan Hassan‏Verified account @hxhassan 7m7 minutes ago

If a pro-Resistance figure is fired up by the news but not by the destruction of Syria by Assad/Hizbollah/Iran, or a pro-Erdogan Islamist who has accepted the annexation of other parts of Syria by Turkey, then that is also plain hypocrisy.

Hassan Hassan‏Verified account @hxhassan 4m4 minutes ago

Syria has territories lost to other countries — permanently or temporarily — on all of its borders: Shabaa farms & Golan Heights (Israel), north western Syria (Turkey), Tanf (U.S.)

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Court in Macedonia has just sentenced 7 people accused of joining ISIS to 6 years in prison. Macedonia was first European country to repatriate its citizens from Syria. UK has worried that its courts may only have power to pass these relatively lenient sentences on own jihadis