MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : QUITE NEW PKK STRUCTURE IN EUROPE – New administration for PYD Organization elected in Europe


The PYD Organization in Europe has elected a new 27-member administration representing most European countries, with equal and appropriate representation of women and youth. The oath was taken by the members of the elected party council with loyalty to the party, the people and the martyrs, adherence to the principles and decisions of the conference, and intensifying the struggle and raising it to the highest levels in order to achieve the party’s goals.

The conference of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) was held in Europe on 30 and 31 March 2019 in the city of Venlo of Netherlands, with the participation of 220 members and deputy members of the party from all European countries, and the presence of dozens of Kurdish and Kurdistan parties and Civil society institutions, families of martyrs and dozens of personalities from the fields of culture and information.

After the completion of the conference, the party issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it explained the most prominent of what was said, and the statement noted:

In the light of the great victories achieved on the ground in Rojava and northeast of Syria by the YPG, the YPJ and  the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), and the geographically and militarily end of its last stronghold of al-Bagouz, which posed a danger not only to Syria but to the whole world, Through its sleepers cells and its transfer to other regions as well as its existence intellectually and ideologically either between some classes of society in the areas of its former control or entrenched in the mind of the prisoners and the families of their fighters.

In conjunction with the first disastrous anniversary of the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish fascist state and its jihadist mercenaries, and the Turkish threat to Rojava and northern Syria.

The Kurds, along with the components of North and East of Syria, emphasized their peaceful and democratic project in Democratic Autonomous  Administration by seeking to build a democratic, decentralized Syria to be the best solution for the whole of Syria.

And through dozens of speeches delivered by guests and parties in the first session of the conference, which emphasized the pivotal role played by our party for the freedom of our people in Rojava along with the rest of the components in the north of Syria, as well as the responsibilities of the PYD in Europe to deliver the voice of our people and represent it politically and diplomatically, and to reflex its victories on the homeland into international resolutions that guarantee its future in Syria a democratic decentralization in which all Syrian peoples coexist.

The party’s work was evaluated at the organizational and diplomatic levels, and the previous work period of all the party’s institutions was reviewed. A comprehensive assessment of the reports submitted has been thoroughly discussed. The discussions that took place during the conference, which were characterized by self-criticism and constructive criticism, resulted in a number of resolutions that emphasized the commitment to work for a decentralized democratic Syria and to seek all means and possibilities to break the isolation of the leader of the peoples of the democratic nation. And stressed to liberate the occupied Afrin, and the commitment to the struggle for the liberation of Syrian territory from the Turkish occupation, headed by Afrin.

In conclusion, a new administration of 27 members representing most of the European countries was elected.”