MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : PKK FORCES RECRUIT CHILDREN – PKK Establishes Military Base Outside Tuz Khurmatu


Basnews English 28/09/2019 – 15:58 Published in Kurdistan – ERBIL — The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has set up a military base near Tuz Khurmatu in Diyala province where it trains fresh guerrillas, a local source said. Tuz Khurmatu is a Kurdish town disputed between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. It is currently under the control of the Iraqi government with a huge presence of Iran-backed Shia militias of Hashd al-Shaabi.

Sabah Mohammed, head of KDP representation office in Kifri, told BasNews on Saturday that the PKK military base is indeed a recruitment center where the fresh forces are receiving military trainings before their deployment to Qandil.He said there are reports of children being recruited and armed to join the PKK battles. According to Mohammed, PKK guerrillas also force villagers in the area to pay taxes outside the official regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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