MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : PKK ATTACKED CHARITY OFFICE FOR YEZID – ISBCF to Reopen Sinjar Office Conditionally after PKK Attack: Official

ERBIL — Basnews  5 May 2019 – Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) will agree to reopen its branch office in Sinjar only if Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) ensures their safety and no more attacks are conducted against the staff, said the head of BCF’s Sinjar office.

PKK-affiliated forces in Sinjar attacked the BCF office in Sinjar last week and took the head of the office under custody. He was released later, but the office remains shut as the aid organization is concerned for continued violations against its staff.

Sinjar is now under the control of Iranian-backed militias of Hashd al-Shaabi and PKK affiliates. BCF is among the most active organizations which continuously delivered aid to the hundreds of thousands of Yezidi IDPs in and around Sinjar.

Bir Dian, head of the office, told BasNews after his release that the PKK forces treated him like a criminal. He noted that the organization will resume its activities in Sinjar after PKK agrees to apologise and guarantee their safety.