MESOPOTAMIA NEWS LATEST : Rojava villagers halt Russian army patrol

Rudaw   12 Oct 2020 – AIN DIWAR, Syria — On October 11, the villagers of Ain Diwar, northeastern Syria (Rojava) stopped an Russian army patrol in its tracks. Residents of the Derik district village said foreign presence will disrupt the area’s relative calm.

“What do you want from the Kurds? What do you want from the Kurds? Kurds won’t give you anything,” a local woman asked. “We won’t accept any forces including Russia, America, the Islamic State and [Turkish president] Erdogan until just one of our children is left alive.”

One of the Russian soldiers part of the patrol asked to speak to a local representative, but is met with continued resistance.

“If you want to protect the people, go and stand against Erdogan. Ask him why he’s killing these people and these innocent children. Ask him why he attacked Afrin and Sari Kani. Go there, not here. We are the people of this area. We live securely and peacefully. We’ll hold your hand and take you there,” the woman said.

Following the Turkish invasion of northern Syria in October 2019, Russia’s army entered the area in agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Most Russian forces are stationed at airbases in or near the cities of Qamishli, Tel Tamr and Kobane.

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Reporting by Muhened Ibrahim