MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Kurdish MPs Urge Turkey, PKK to Move Their Conflict Out of Kurdistan

Basnews English 29/01/2019 – ERBIL — A group of Kurdish members of Iraqi parliament have called on both the Turkish government and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to avoid waging their conflicts on the Kurdistan Region soil.

Turkey, for years, has been carrying out ground and aerial operations deep into the Kurdistan Region border areas, allegedly to target the positions of the PKK guerrillas.

The MPs, from ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party, visited Duhok on Tuesday to study the situation after last week’s deadly confrontation between locals in Sheladize district and the Turkish army in the region, which left at least one civilian killed and ten others injured.

MP Vian Sabri said Turkey and PKK must both leave Kurdistan Region, arguing that PKK’s presence has attracted further Turkish airstrikes. “The violence also impacts the economy and social life of the people, especially in Duhok province,” MP Sabri said during a news conference.

She also called on the governments of Kurdistan Region and Iraq to take immediate actions and address the issue on the border territories with Turkey. More via