MESOPOTAMIA NEWS “IRAN ON FIRE!” : A GENERAL SAMPLER OF TRUE VOICES FROM TEHRAN TONIGHT – The days of the Mullah Regime are numbered – it will crash more sooner than later !

Baghvaee@BabakTaghvaee2h 11 Jan 2020

#BREAKING: Tens of thousands of people have come to streets of #Tehran joining students of #AmirKabir & #Sharif universities & are now protesting against #Iran’s Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight #PS752 of #Ukraine International Airlines by #IRGC|ASF.


Alireza Nader@AlirezaNader – 2h

“Reformists, hardliners, the game is up.” Anti regime demonstrations in Tehran. #Iranians are not united after the death of Soleimani, they hate the regime, all factions, more than ever.


Farbod Mah@farbodmah – 1h#IranProtests continue in 2020. People in Tehran are chanting: “Our enemy is right here, they lie when they say it’s America” #Iran #USA #IranvsUSA #FreeIran2020


Joshua Landis@joshua_landis

40m – Iran on fire. Younger generation has had enough of guardianship.


Raman Ghavami@Raman_Ghavami

  • 2h #Breaking Iranian security forces have started shooting at protestors,using live ammunition. Despite attacks, protestors try to confront Iranian regime’s security forces&chanting “The Supreme Leader(Khamenei) is a murderer, his guardianship(power)has no legitimacy. #BBC_Enough


Raman Ghavami@Raman_Ghavami

1h #Breaking People in Esfahan also join anti-regime protests in Iran. Protestors chanting “Our enemy is right here, they (ayatollahs)lie and say our enemy is America.” #BBC_Enough



3h Our media claims Iran is unified in grief over Soleimani. Chris Matthews said the terrorist’s death hit Iran like the death of Princess Di hit Britain. Here’s the reality: students, under threat of torture & death, calling now for the Supreme Leader to go.


Babak Taghvaee@BabakTaghvaee

4h #BREAKING: It is taking place now in #AmirKabir University of #Tehran, thousands of students are protesting against #Iran‘s Islamic Regime & #IRGC over shot-down of Flight #PS752 of #Ukraine International Airlines by a Tor-M1 SAM system of #IRGCASF.


  1. Ali Kadivar محمدعلی کدیور@MAliKadivar

2m Iran’s opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi, who is under house arrest, callls Iran’s Leader Khamenei responsible for the plane crash incident and says that Khamenei doesn’t have any of the qualifications required for the office of Leader.

Sahamnews- سحام نیوز@sahamnewsorg

  • 37m مهدی #کروبی خطاب به آقای #خامنه‌ای : بدون شک هیچ یک از شرایط و صفات احراز مسئولیت رهبری را ندارید

Elizabeth Tsurkov@Elizrael

3mThe fearlessness of these people is just astounding. The Iranian regime gunned down 1,500 protesters only weeks ago.

Alireza Nader@AlirezaNader

  • 29m “Soleimani is a murderer, his leader a traitor.” Anti regime demonstrations, Tehran, #Iran.


Ali Fathollah-Nejad@AFathollahNejad


1h I explained to  @AP that “nationalistic moment” created by the #Iran after #Soleimani’s killing might stabilize the regime only in the short term as deep-seated socio-eco. & pol. grievances that fueled #IranProtests have only been “pushed under the surface”


raz zimmt Retweeted

Daniel Amir@Daniel_Amir1


20m The hardline news agency Tasnim says protests against the handling of the #PS752 crash have been “perverted” by “suspicious elements” in the crowds and gets promptly and graphically sworn at by Iranians in the comments. #Iran


خبرگزاری تسنیم


  • 39m

برگزاری تجمع در مقابل دانشگاه‌های امیرکبیر و شریف در پی سقوط هواپیمای اوکراینی جمعی از مردم در مقابل دانشگاه‌های امیرکبیر و شریف تجمع کردند این تجمع توسط برخی از عناصر مشکوک به انحراف کشیده شد #PS752



Heshmat Alavi@HeshmatAlavi

23mJan 11 – Isfahan, central #Iran Crowd chanting: “The people are begging (economically poor), [@khamenei_Ir] lives like gods!” “Down with the mullahs’ regime principle!” #IranProtests


Kyle Orton@KyleWOrton


Clerical regime in #Iran is having a rough period: 1. Lost Sulaymani (3 JAN) 2. Stampede killed 50+ people at his funeral (7 JAN) 3. Feeble overt retaliation to the US (8 JAN) 4. Brought down Ukrainian airliner during retaliation (8 JAN) 5. Renewed anti-regime protests (11 JAN)