MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INTEL IRAQ : Does the PMU need its own air force? – by Seth Frantzman  7 Sept 2019


An odd report from PMU sent Iraq’s politics tumbling,

Contradicting statements by Iraqi PMF (Hashd) that it is forming an Air Force & then denying it are seen as an administrative struggle between PMF Council Chairman Fayyadh & Deputy Chairman Muhandis.

— David M. Witty (@DavidMWitty1) September 6, 2019


In response to PMU Deputy Mohandis’ statement earlier today, #Iraq Prime Minister’s Office [unsurprisingly] rejects the proposal of a PMU Air Force.

That’s not exactly shocking news, but Mohandis has shown his hand – #Iran is far from stepping back; its plan expansion continues.

— Charles Lister (@Charles_Lister) September 5, 2019


Muqtada Al #Sadr is angry, because Al #Hashd Al Shaabi has announced to build an Islamic Shia Air Force in #Iraq against the terrorist attacks of his Zionist US brothers!

— Isyan Devrim (@DevrimciYol6) September 5, 2019