MESOPOTAMIA NEWS INSIGHT : Efforts for national unity have accelerated / PKK/PYD SOURCES

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, Nasruddin Ibrahim, and a member of the Women’s Council in NE Syria, Stera Qassim, called for continuing efforts to achieve the unity, and to take advantage of the historic opportunity.

NEWS 22 Feb 2021, Mon – 06:20 2021-02-22T06:20:00 NEWSDESK- ZANA DENİZ  – ANF

Participants in the “Intra-Kurdish Conflicts – Facts and Solutions”, organized by the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS) in Qamishlo, called for resolving the differences between the Kurdish parties through dialogue.

Ibrahim initially referred to the importance of the (NRLS) forum, and said: “We discussed during the forum the importance of the achieving national unity, and what steps should be taken in this regard. We discussed ways to achieve unity within the framework of a democratic structure. ”

Ibrahim pointed out that this goal is possible if some circles worked to distance themselves from partisan interests. Saying in this regard: “The forum was a practical endeavor to achieve the unity. Many politicians, intellectuals participated in the forum. Everyone who believes in freedom and equality. The forum witnessed very valuable discussions and interventions. I believe that some parties must put their interests aside.

As for the member of the Women’s Council, Stera Qassim, who also participated in the (NRLS), she indicated that holding such a forum came at the appropriate time, especially at this stage, and also said: “This forum was important for several reasons; Many politicians and representatives of various social strata participated in it.

She touched on the Middle East problems, adding: “Post the “Arab Spring” is very important for the Kurdish people. They can take advantage of this opportunity. The world in general is witnessing a new phase and suffers from chaos not only in Rojava. At the current stage, a new map will be drawn up for the Middle East, and the Kurdish people must exert our efforts in this field. ”

She noted that the efforts to the Kurdish unity have stopped, without any justification, and she said on this topic: “With regard to the unity, some meetings are taking place, but because of some parties, these efforts have slowed down. As for the National Unity Parties, they assume importance. “PYNK is very serious to take concrete steps towards a solution. All segments of the Kurdish society must pressure the politicians.”