Turkey Challenges Greece’s Sovereignty Over 16 Islands In The Aegean Sea      

13 Febr 2020 – MEMRI DISPATCH –  Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar challenged Greece’s sovereignty on its islands in the Aegean Sea, saying in two recent interviews that Greece had armed 16 islands in violation of the relevant agreements. The Greek government reacted, saying: “It is at the very least hypocritical for a country that systematically violates the territorial integrity, sovereignty and sovereign rights of nearly all its neighbouring countries… to invoke international law.”

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: “Greece Has Armed 16 Of Them Contrary To The Agreements”

In a statement on January 23, Akar said: “Despite these islands having a non-military status, Greece has armed 16 of them contrary to the agreements. We expect Greece to behave according to international law, the agreements it has signed, and good neighborly relations… We will not be encroached upon in any way. This is not a threat but our saying that we are in favor of good neighborliness is not a weakness. Right now, neither in the world nor in history is there a country whose territorial waters are six [nautical] miles and its airspace is ten [nautical] miles. We are faced with such outlandishness. They are trying to introduce this to world opinion as a reality. We are defending our right on this matter.”

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