Syrian Regime Bombards SDF – It has accused the Kurdish forces of smuggling oil to Turkey

BasNews 27/11/2019 – 20:02 Published in Middle East  ERBIL – The Syrian regime has bombarded the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), accusing the US-backed fighters of smuggling oil to Turkey.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SNA) cited an operations officer as explaining that the Syrian regime shelled the oil refining centers and tankers used by the SDF to allegedly snuggle oil to neighboring Turkey.

According to the officer, the bombardments were conducted after receiving verified information about the illegal shipment of oil in the region of al-Jazaeera in Syria. He noted that the attacks resulted in the detecting of crude oil refining facilities and dozens of trucks in the border town of Jarablus of Aleppo province.The regime has vowed to not allow the shipment of any amount of oil by the Kurdish forces any longer.In early October, the White House announced that the US forces would withdraw from Syria and let the Turkish army to move into the area. The Kurdish forces, therefore, handed over the border areas to the regime in hopes of halting the Turkish offensive.However, the US later decided to leave a small number of forces in Syria to secure the oilfields in the Middle Eastern country.