MESOPOTAMIA NEWS BREAKING : Heavily armed Russian warship fleet heads to Syria

by News Desk 2021-01-09 in Syria  ALMASDAR NEWS

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 P.M.) – The Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet’s platoon entered the Syrian port of Tartus as part of a long planned voyage, according to the press office of the Russian Western Military District. A statement published on the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry read : “A group of Baltic Fleet ships, consisting of the Corvette Stoicki, the Kola medium tanker and the Yakov Grybelsky naval tug, entered the Syrian port of Tartus within the framework of a long planned voyage.”

According to the statement, the detachment crews will inspect ships and replenish the supplies of fuel, water and food at the port.

The statement continued: “Stoic cruisers and support ships will carry out a number of training missions, after which the ships of the Baltic Fleet will complete the tasks in accordance with the long-range cruise plan.”

It is worth noting that a platoon of the ships of the Baltic Sea Fleet left the main base of the fleet at Baltiysk on December 16 and on December 29 the ships passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean Sea.

The main mission of the ships’ long-range sea voyage is to ensure the naval and military presence displaying the Saint Andrew flag in various regions of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans.