In Nice, “yellow vests” invest in a disused hospital

3.1.2019, 21:48:36 – Source Europe news 1 – France – Since December 23, a dozen protesters occupy the former hospital Saint-Roch, Nice. & Nbsp; Thursday evening, they deployed a giant yellow vest on the facade.

A group of ten “yellow vests” has been installed since December 23 in a former hospital abandoned downtown Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes, they announced Thursday evening during the deployment on the facade of a giant yellow jacket flocked with the acronym “RIC”, the citizens’ initiative referendum.

“To make it a place of debate (…) and to host families”.“We have entered these places without any facts to make them a place of debates and conferences and to accommodate families who sleep in the street, we do not admit that they sleep outside with the cold weather that it does” said Martial, the “media referent” of these “yellow vests” Nice since the stoop of the hospital Saint-Roch, while law enforcement had deployed a security cordon to prevent further intrusion.

Yellow vests have decided to occupy part of the old St Roch hospital in Nice.Since 23 December, several homeless people have been

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Call to appropriate abandoned places.These “yellow vests” have indicated to host for the past few days three families, including two Albanian families asylum seekers, they found sleeping in the streets of Nice.”These homeless families have water, electricity, they are fed and housed thanks to yellow vests,” said this referent, who calls “all other yellow vests in France to appropriate, legally, disused places to house them also SDF “.

“It is also intended to become a place of debate to make constituent workshops on the RIC and the Constitution,” said another “yellow vest”.Conferences are also envisaged, notably with Etienne Chouard, an intellectual who popularized the idea of ​​a citizen referendum among “yellow vests”.

The situation confused Thursday night.This Thursday night, however, the situation remained confused and the occupation of the building, which still belongs to the University Hospital of Nice, very uncertain.The security forces who invested the premises proceeded on the spot, inside, with identity checks.The “yellow vests”, if they are not dislodged, hope on their side can occupy this building “at least until the end of the winter break”.

The place dedicated to being a police station.Located in the city center, the hospital Saint-Roch no longer accommodates, in one of its wings, only odontology services, since the construction of the new Pasteur Hospital.The municipality of Nice has planned to transform the building into police station bringing together municipal police and national police.