MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Bombing reported in Mosul / by Seth Frantzman  8 March 2019   

A car bomb or VBIED has been reported in Mosul.#BREAKING: Car bomb hits Muthana neighborhood in #Mosul. Casualties are not known yet.

— Baxtiyar Goran (@BaxtiyarGoran) March 8, 2019

This is in the eastern part of the city, the area that was first liberated from ISIS in the fall of 2016. It is also where the University and hotels and others venues are. There was a bombing at the university gate recently, on February 27.

Another VBIED explosion in #Mosul in the secure East part of the city.

— Rasha Al Aqeedi (@RashaAlAqeedi) March 8, 2019

He points out it is the third attack in several weeks.

Third attack (using IED) by ISIS in two weeks in Mosul.

— Mosul Eye عين الموصل (@MosulEye) March 8, 2019