Iraqi government suspended Social media services in Kurdistan

15 July 2018 – HEWLÊR-Erbil, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— An Iraqi government’s decision to shut down services of social media sites extended to the Kurdistan Region, Ministry of Transportation and Communications in the region said on Saturday.

It added that there are attempts to restore services. The Iraqi government suspended services of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so as to prevent the expansion of popular protests erupted in some southern provinces.Besides Facebook shutdown, there is pressure from the Iraqi government to block Internet services also, Umid Mohammad, spokesperson for the KRG’s Ministry of Transport and Communications, said.He added that the suspension of Facebook services in the region is temporary, and there are attempts to restore the services as soon as possible.Demonstrations erupted in some Iraqi provinces like Basra, Najaf and Babel where demonstrators call for providing services, improving living conditions, and combating administrative and financial corruption. At least three people were killed and dozens others wounded in the protests stated on Friday.