MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : A MOSSAD KILLING IN TEHRAN – Mossad, MI6 smuggled Iranian nuclear scientist to the UK – Report

The Iranian scientist was allegedly involved in the 2012 assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan in Tehran and was able to enter the UK using the migrant crises as a cover, reports the Daily Mail.

By Hagay Hacohen   February 10, 2019 18:00  – Jerusalem Post – Mossad, British secret services and the CIA extracted an Iranian nuclear scientist out of Tehran and provided him with a safe haven in the US, the Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

The Iranian scientist is thought to have been smuggled into the UK on an inflatable boat alongside other Iranian migrants who crossed over to Lydd at the beginning of 2019.

The plan is said to have been drawn up in October when the Mossad helped the 47-year-old technician escape to Turkey, and from that location he joined the flux of Iranian immigrants attempting to reach the UK.

The BBC reported that the influx of Iranian migrants into the UK has increased recently due to a decision by the Serbian government to accept Iranian tourists without asking for a visa. This was meant to increase tourism and trade between the Islamic Republic and Serbia but also enabled some Iranians to escape into Europe.