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MESOP NEWS TODAYS EDITORIAL : Putin & Erdogan’s Marriage of Convenience

By : Zahid Imran – FOREIGN POLICY   January 12, 2017

It has been a remarkable turnabout. In November 2015, thenTurkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proudly took credit for ordering the shooting down of a Russian warplane that had violated Turkish airspace for a grand total of 17 seconds. Russian retaliation in the form of stinging economic sanctions swiftly followed. Eventually, Erdogan was forced to apologize to Russia and concoct a new narrative assigning blame to the two hapless Turkish F16 pilots who shot down the Russian jet. The rest of the job fell to the Turkish press, mostly controlled by Erdogan and his allies, which then propagated the notion that F16 pilots had taken their orders from Fethullah Gulen, the controversial cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania. Read all



MESOP NEWS “CLEANSING” : Iran repopulates Syria with Shia Muslims to help tighten regime’s control

New communities are settling in areas where Sunnis have fled or been forced out as Tehran seeks an arc of control stretching from its borders to Israel

Martin Chulov in Beirut – Saturday 14 January 2017 00.36 GMT – THE GUARDIAN UK

In the valleys between Damascus and Lebanon, where whole communities had abandoned their lives to war, a change is taking place. For the first time since the conflict broke out, people are starting to return.But the people settling in are not the same as those who fled during the past six years.The new arrivals have a different allegiance and faith to the predominantly Sunni Muslim families who once lived there. They are, according to those who have sent them, the vanguard of a move to repopulate the area with Shia Muslims not just from elsewhere in Syria, but also from Lebanon and Iraq. Read all



MESOP NEWS Power Projection : ERDOGANS US – TANKS IN SYRA  / Turkey muscles up / FIRST DETAILED REPORT !

14012017 Turkey´s Military BuildUp: Arms Transfers and an Emerging Military Industry

Turkey has been in the international spotlight in recent years thanks to the influx of refugees, the violent campaign against its own Kurdish population, as well as the harsh crackdown in the wake of the failed coup attempt last year.

In the meantime, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has overseen the rapid growth of a domestic arms industry, and is pursuing the ambitious development of indigenous weapon systems. It is one of Turkey’s main aims to become selfsufficient, according to the PAX report Power Projection  Turkey´s Military BuildUp: Arms Transfers and an Emerging Military Industry.

Humanitarian Disarmament, Middle East Read all in details :

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MESOP NEWS INSIDER “DAVID IGNATIUS WP”  Trump Team Says Russia Issued Invite to Syria Talks — But Is It A Cover Story for Improper Links?

January 14 – By Scott Lucas – eaworldview  The transition team for Presidentelect Donald Trump says Russia has invited the US to join the political talks at the end of January for a resolution of the Syrian crisis — but the announcement may be a cover story amid the controversy over Russian links with Trump and his advisors.  A transition official said the invitation was extended on December 28 by the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, to Trump’s appointment for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

On the surface, the Russian approach is both a reception of Trump and a further snub to the outgoing Obama Administration, which has been frozen out of the Syrian process since the autumn.A TurkishRussian reconcilation has sidelined the years of effort of US Secretary of State John Kerry to work with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for a resolution. The attempts were finally buried by Moscow as it led the proAssad reoccupation of all of Aleppo city with imposition of a siege, bombing, and political maneuvers.Russia then worked with Turkey for a deal to remove civilians and rebels from Aleppo, followed by a nominal ceasefire and the announcement of regimeopposition talks in Kazakhstan.The Trump official said that “no decision was made” during the call, “I don’t have anything additional on U.S. attendance at this time.”  A spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Friday that the US would attend the talks.

A Cover Story for RussiaTrump Controversy?

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MESOP NEWS : WE DO IT ! FOR US A SECOND HAND SEAT !    TehranRussiaTurkey Discuss Next Syria Steps  Cevikoz then joined the discussion.

January 14 – 2017 – eaworldview – Scott Lucas  With a selfimposed deadline for political talks approaching, Iran has conferred with Russia and Turkey over the next steps in the Syrian crisis. Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari met senior Russian and Turkish counterparts Mikhail Bogdanov and Ahmet Unal Cevikoz in Moscow on Friday.Last month, following the reoccupation of all of Aleppo city by proAssad forces, the three countries’ Foreign Ministers announced their intention for a ceasefire and regimeopposition discussions in Kazakhstan by the end of January. Read all



MESOP NEWS ACCUSATIONS : Assad & Brother Named in Chemical Weapons Enquiry

January 14  For the first time, international investigators have listed President Assad and his brother Maher, the former commander of an elite Army unit, as suspects in the use of chemical weapons. The joint inquiry for the UN and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has named 15 people in connection with a series of chlorine bomb attacks in northwest Syria in 201415. The list was based on a combination of UNOPCW evidence compiled and information from Western and regional intelligence agencies, according to a source.The UN/OPCW team concluded in August that the regime was responsible for two chlorine attacks in Idlib Province — on Talmenes on April 21, 2014 and Sarmin on March 16, 2015.  Read all




United Syria impossible with Assad in power, says Turkey

January 14, 2017    Middle East & World, Syria – ARA News – Ankara – The Turkish government believes the a united Syria is impossible with President Bashar al-Assad in power, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesperson said on Friday.“Our position on Assad is clear. We don’t believe that a united, peaceful Syria will be possible with Assad remaining in power,” Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said. Read all




By Jonathan Mautner

Russia continued to wage an aggressive air campaign in Syria from December 20, 2016  January 11, 2017 despite announcing a purported ceasefire and military drawdown in the country. Russia and Turkey brokered a ‘nationwide’ ceasefire on December 28 that took effect one day later, nominally securing the participation of the Syrian government but excluding ISIS and Jabhat Fatah al Sham (JFS), successor of alQaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra. At the same time, thirteen various armed opposition factions reiterated their support for a cessation of hostilities, conditioning their assent on the regime’s compliance. Notwithstanding its negotiations with Turkey, Russia conducted heavy waves of airstrikes against at least five opposition towns in the besieged Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus from December 28  29, aiming to bolster the proregime siegeandstarve campaign near the Syrian capital in advance of the ceasefire.  Read all


MESOP NEWS FOCUS:  TROUBLE AHEAD  – KDP Warns of Plans for Violent Demonstrations in Sulaymaniyah – A political party is directing the demonstrations towards the KDP offices

Basnews English – 14/01/2017 –  SULAYMANIYAH — Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has warned of a plan by “a political party” to incite violent acts in front of the party’s provincial leadership council in Sulaymaniyah province on Saturday.  Read all



MESOP SPECIAL : THE FINAL CURTAIN SOON !?  – Trump officials might be expecting E.U. to fall apart this year, U.S. envoy says

By Michael Birnbaum January 13 at 12:36 PM – WASHINGTON POST  – BRUSSELS — President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team may be expecting the European Union to fall apart this year, the outgoing U.S. ambassador to the 28-nation bloc said Friday, saying that the incoming U.S. administration may add to the burdens of an already struggling union.

Trump officials risk “lunacy” if they choose to support the fragmentation of Europe, Ambassador Anthony Gardner said in an unusually frank exit discussion with reporters. Gardner is an ally of President Obama who has been forced to resign, along with all other political ambassadorial appointees, on Jan. 20.Gardner said that the E.U. remains more robust than is usually perceived in the United States. But he said he fears that a Euroskeptic Trump administration would harm U.S. and European interests if it continued to embrace anti-E.U. leaders such as Nigel Farage, a major leader of the successful British campaign to leave the E.U., known as Brexit. Read all


MESOP BACKGROUNDER : LiraVerfall  Deutsche Bank wehrt sich gegen Vorwürfe aus der Türkei

von:     Ozan Demircan   Yasmin Osman – HANDELSBLATT – 13.01.2017 Auf der Suche nach Schuldigen für den LiraAbsturz hat eine türkische Zeitung schwere Vorwürfe gegen die Deutsche Bank erhoben. Das Kreditinstitut hat den Bericht nun in scharfer Form zurückgewiesen.

Frankfurt/ZürichDie Überschrift ist unzweideutig: „DeutscheBankTerror“, titelte die türkische Tageszeitung „Yeni Safak“ in ihrer OnlineAusgabe. Auf dem abgebildeten Foto ist eine türkische Wechselstube zu sehen, auf der die Kurse für Euro und Dollar abgebildet sind. Für einen Euro muss man demnach 4,05 Türkische Lira hinblättern. Damit ist die Lira 25 Prozent weniger wert als vor einem Jahr. Der Vorwurf der als regierungsnah geltenden Zeitung: Deutsche Banken, angeführt von Deutschlands größter Bank, sind am freien Fall der Lira schuld, die allein seit Jahresbeginn fast zehn Prozent verloren hat. Volltext



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MESOP KORREKTUR: Nein, muß DITIB nicht, DITIB hat Doppelpaß !

Moscheeverband: Ditib muss sich zwischen Deutschland und Türkei entscheiden

Tagesspiegel   13 Jan 2017  Die enge Verflechtung des Moscheeverbands Ditib mit der türkischen Religionsbehörde Diyanet ist nicht mehr zu leugnen, und die SpitzelAffäre hat …



SPIEGEL ONLINE 13 Jan 2017    Israel sieht sich nicht als Kriegspartei im syrischen Bürgerkrieg. Es ist vielmehr ein Krieg im Krieg, den der jüdische Staat gegen seine Feinde Hisbollah, Syrien und Iran führt.

Dabei lässt sich die Regierung von Benjamin Netanyahu auch nicht davon abschrecken, dass Russland die Luftüberwachung in Syrien seit Beginn seiner Militärintervention im September 2015 massiv ausgebaut hat. Das russische Militär hat im Bürgerkriegsland BodenLuftRaketen der Typen S300 und S400 stationiert. Diese Waffensysteme haben eine Reichweite von 400 Kilometern und könnten damit selbst Flugzeuge über israelischem Gebiet angreifen.

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Diyanet, MEB & DITIB – Die Konsequenzen eines Paradigmenwechsels  January 14, 2017 Von  Giordano Brunello

Nur vier Monate nach der Gründung der Türkischen Republik hat das Türkische Parlament am 3. März 1924 auf Anordnung von Mustafa Kemal, der erst später den Nachnamen Atatürk erhalten sollte, drei Gesetze verabschiedet, die man durchaus als Grundlage des neu entstehenden säkularen Staates und als Voraussetzung für die noch kommenden Reformen bezeichnen kann. Mit dem Gesetz Nr. 429 wurde das türkische Präsidium für religiöse Angelegenheiten (Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı) oder kurz Diyanet gegründet. Damit wurden sämtliche Imame, die in der Türkei predigen durften, zu weisungsgebundenen Staatsbeamten.  Volltext



MESOP NEWS „APARTE PARANOIDIE“ : DEUTSCHE BANK & JUDEN SIND SCHULD  / Erdogans Verschwörungstheorie appelliert an antiwestliche und antiimperialistische Ängste vor der Zerschlagung des Landes,

Türkei sucht Schuldige für Lira Krise

Der Präsident formuliert Verschwörungstheorien zu Banken-Komplott und Zinslobby. Seine Regierung verbreitet Wachstumsoptimismus.

itzippl. WIEN/FRANKFURT, 13. Januar. Die Türkei redet sich ihre wirtschaftliche Lage schön und bemüht dafür auch krude Verschwörungstheorien. Teile der Führung machen internationale Banken und eine nicht näher genannte „Zinslobby” dafür verantwortlich, dass die Landeswährung Lira stark an Wert verliert, däss die Inflation steigt und dass generell die Wirtschaft an Fahrt einbüßt. Diese Rhetorik hat auch eine antisemitische Spitze, wonach jüdische Finanzgruppen versuchten, die Türkei in die Knie zu zwingen.  Volltext lesen



Open letter to the French president François Hollande / By Dr. Salar Basira – Scientist – Germany

To French messages French Foreign Office / President of France, Mr. François Hollande  – the general public

Dear Mr. president François Hollande your viste in the DKP of Kurd’s leader “ Barzani puts many questions.

1)    you visited Barzani for the second time, or you invited him personally to Paris, although his term of office has run off according to the constitution for a long time, however, he is not ready to deliver the power.

The region Kurdistan Iraq owns defacto neither government nor parliament, then it puts to itself the question whom have you visited, actually?

Since almost to one year no full salary is paid to the population, and the policy of the hunger is pursued.

4)    Barzani represents merely the interests of his clan, that has got rich at the expenses of the civil population, and transfers billions to foreign banks. You know this Mr. president better than I, this starves all during the population. This also counts to the Talabanis clan, but Barzani has the upper hand. Read all