MESOPOTAMI NEWS REPORT : Kurdish Villagers Protest Arabization in Kirkuk


 – Basnews English 11/03/2019 – 12:03 Published in Kurdistan – ERBIL — Several dozens of residents of a village in southern Kirkuk gathered on Sunday to protest the Arabs’ returning to the area with the help of local government to seize the Kurdish-owned lands.According to a source from the area, the gathering was held after several Arab families visited Tarjil village near Jalawla in an attempt to force the indigenous Kurds out of their lands.

The Arab families had previously been settled in the region as part of Baath Regime’s Arabization campaign agains the Kurds in Kirkuk.However, the Arab families were returned to their original hometowns after 2003 when they also received huge funds as compensation from the central government. According to the information obtained by BasNews, these families are attempting to once again confiscate the Kurdish agricultural lands with the support of the Baghdad-appointed governor of Kirkuk, Rakan al-Jabouri.  More via