MESOP “WITH PUTINS & TEHRANS SUPPORT” : Assad Promises More “Bloodshed” / THE SPEECH

June 08 – 2016 – President Assad has dismissed any possibility of a political resolution for Syria’s five-year conflict, promising more “bloodshed” to “liberate” all of the country.

In a televised speech to Parliament, Assad used the recapture of the historic city of Palmyra in late March from ISIS to promise victory over all opponents:     Our war against terrorism continues, not because we like wars, because they imposed war on us. The bloodshed won’t end until terrorism is uprooted no matter where it is and regardless of the masks it wears.

Our war against terrorism is continuing. As we liberated Tadmur [Palmyra] and before it many areas, we will liberate every inch of Syria from their hands. Our only option is victory, otherwise Syria will not continue.The key passage of an often-convoluted address was a wordy but clear rejection of a transitional governing authority, the center of international proposals since 2012. In talks between January and April in Geneva, the regime’s delegation refused to discuss the issue, and in late March Assad explicitly rejected any prospect of accepting a process that might lead to his stepping down from office.

The President repeated on Tuesday:    It is no longer secret that the essence of the political process for the regional and international countries supporting terrorism has been, since the beginning and throughout the various initiatives, aimed at undermining the presence of any concept of the homeland through hitting its core, which is the constitution, and through continuous pressure to consider it null and stop it and freeze it under different names and terms, mainly the so-called transitional stage…

Our answers were decisive and we didn’t allow them to pass any terms.

Turning the blame on the Syrian opposition, Assad returned to his theme of resisting “terrorists”: “When they failed to achieve what they wanted, their response was an open declaration of supporting terrorism and withdrawing from the cessation of hostilities agreement.”

Assad linked this both to his ongoing message of foreign enemies backing the terrorism and to Parliamentary elections in April which had supposedly defeated them:     They believed that the core of their political scheme after their plot of terrorism failed was to hit the constitution, and thus creating chaos….    The sectarian regime turns the people of a homeland into adversaries, and that’s when the imperialist states put themselves forward as rulers of the groups inside the homeland.