Gorran deputy denies leader’s approval to extend Barzani’s term – A deputy form Kurdistan Region’s Gorran (Change Movement) denied reports that the movement is with extending Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani’s term.

Reports released in the region’s media that Gorran Leader Nawshirwan Mustafa agrees with prolonging Barzani’s presidency that is over in Summer. Barzani was re-elected as president in 2013 in a vote by the region’s local parliament. – Calling the move to extend Barzani’s presidency as treason to democracy, the deputy added the reports are far from being right and the repetition of the “illegal move” is impossible. He further reiterated the movement is to create a law-based structure in the region. Quoting a source close to Nawshirwan Mustafa, BasNews said the future of the Kurdish region, fighting against the militants of the Islamic State (IS), the fate of Kirkuk province and other disputed regions, and the possible presence of volunteer forces in Kirkuk were discussed in a Mustafa meeting with Barzani and despite Barzani’s denial Gorran leader has reiterated on keeping Barzani in his post. The source has laso stated that most of the region’s political parties and line are along with extending Barzani’s presidency because of his good relation with the U.S. and European states and is directly affecting the region’s situation and developments. Another deputy of the movement, Rabun Maarouf, told BasNews that the movement’s priority is to preserve and keep law.