MESOP UP TO DATE : IS Militants Force Kurdish People to Flee Jalawla

18.08.201 – Dler Abdul Rahman – BasNews, Garmian – An official spokesman of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Khanaqen, Hemin Mansour, has said that Islamic State (IS) militants have started to evict any remaining Kurdish families from Jalawla and have demolished some houses belonging to Kurdish residents of the town.

“In the last two days IS insurgents have started to dismiss Kurdish families that have yet to flee,” said Mansour to BasNews on Monday. “The evictions are taking place because IS militants suspect the Kurdish families are passing information to Peshmerga forces as shelling of IS positions has been very accurate,” added Mansour. He noted that IS insurgents have exploded many Kurdish-owned houses in the town. Clashes have continued between Peshmerga forces and IS militants in Jalawla; parts of the town remain under the control of IS insurgents. Furthermore, a source from Jalawla told BasNews that IS Militants has put their flags on top of Kurdish houses so that when Military planes shell the town, they bomb the Kurdish house thinking its IS Military posts.