17 July 2016 – Kurds and Turkey prevented coup together: TRT newscaster tells Kurdpress

A newscaster of the Turkey state-run TRT TV channel told Kurdpress that both Kurds and Turks in the country prevented coup d’état and making it fail, denying claims that the coup was a show.

Wahd al-Din Ince, a political expert and an anchor of the TRT told Kurdpress about the developments on Friday in Turkey that researches are being conducted ad till now the Gulen Movement elements have been accused of planning the coup; it seems that they were trying to make an elected government fail but thanks God people in Turkey (both Kurds and Turks) defended resisted the coup and prevented the will of the people.

It is not acceptable that the event was a show; such claims are always made and the media always release contradictory viewpoints and analyses; but you can see that jets attacked, bombed were shelled, the parliament was shelled and more than 100 people were killed and the presidential palace was bombed and now that the coup has not been succeeded there are remarks to make the coup attempt a show, he added.

Ince reiterated about post-coup Turkey that the event shows how important the solution of the Kurdish issue is for Turkey and why we should respect the will of the nations and I believe the root of all troubles in the country is the Kurdish question, adding that such issues will continue to occur in Turkey times and again as long as the Kurdish question is not solved fairly.

Turkey parliament will undoubtedly start to write down a new constitution which will respect the rights of Kurds, Allawiates and all other ethnic and religious minorities, he said, continuing to add that all Kurds and Turkey acted against the coup but the constitution of the country is the one which was approved by a coup government.

He further said that a new constitution should be approved and it should solve the Kurdish question democratically and it was the good result of the Friday coup attempt.

Interview: Murad Broki Milan