MESOP : TURKISH HELP COUNTS ! ERDOGAN CONTRA ISIS / Turkish Aircrafts to Help KRG in Shelling IS Militants

07.08.2014 – BasNews, Turkey – Turkish aircrafts that flew out early Thursday, making their way to Gweir and Makhmour in order to monitor Islamic State militants, will initiate their first airstrike on Thursday night.

Turkish newspaper Sabah stated that while the clashes between the Islamic State insurgents and Kurdish Peshmerga forces become more intense, eight Turkish aircrafts from Diyarbakir airbase that were sent under Turkish authority have been observing the Kurdistan Region’s sky and observe the clashes between the Kurds and Sunni militants. According Turkish media outlets, the aircrafts were sent after a meeting between PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Army officials, who decided it was in their best interest to help the Kurdistan Region in fighting against terrorist groups. On Wednesday, Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davoudoglu pointed out that the security of the Kurdistan Region is very important for Turkey. The last two weeks have seen heavy clashes between Peshmerga forces and IS militants in areas close to Mosul and other Sunni-dominated regions. Many of the terrorist militants have been killed and injured by Peshmerga forces, weakening their numbers and bring their reign to an end.