MESOP: TRYING TO SPLIT YEZIDIS – PKK & SHIA Shiite Militias Attempt to Split Yazidis / Kurdish Yazidis the next target of Shiite militia groups

…… but PUK cashed the money !

Basnews | Hemin Salih – 18.02.2015 – ERBIL – According to information seen by BasNews, well-known Yazidi Murad Shasho, also known as Murad Sheikh Kako Shingali, received 2.6 billion Iraqi dinars ($2.23m) from Baghdad last December to unify Yazidis with a Shiite militia group.The information suggests that 1 billion dinars was given to two members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), part of which they distributed among fighters and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas on Mount Sinjar. A source told BasNews that after the distribution of the cash, the PUK staff departed to Germany and continued to talk to PKK commanders via the phone. Murad Sheikh Sharo previously had connections to the Iraqi Baath Regime. Shiite militias are trying to cause friction among Yazidis by exploiting this.

Yezidi commander Qasim Shasho commented on the issue to BasNews, “Yazidis are unified and this is a dream of the enemies of Kurds and Yazidis which will never become reality”. “Murad Sharo is not in charge and Yazidis do not follow him. We know that he received 875 million dinars for a plan to split Yazidis, but we have no information on any further funds”, added Shasho. “At the beginning of clashes in Sinjar, people fled and went through a very hard time, in terms of security and money. About 1,000 men were registered by Murad Sharo to join Shiite militias.” He continued, “However, the Peshmerga Ministry is planning to form Yazidi forces under the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government.” Shasho said that no one is able to split Yazidis and very few numbers are willing to join Shiite militias. “Most of those registered by Murad Sharo are willing to join Peshmerga forces now.” Qasim Shasho shed light on Murad Sharo’s background, “He was previously linked to the Baath Regime and he is not member of any Kurdish parties. He is not able to lead Yazidis.”