MESOP TODAYS OPION BY Salman Al-dossary (ASHARQ AL AWSAT) – Best Candidate…Obama’s Departure


8 Nov 2016 – Who is best for the region, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican candidate Donald Trump?

Who will win? Is it the lady who participated, planned and implemented Barack Obama’s administration policies, or is it the first presidential candidate who out speaks about his rivalry with many Americans, antagonizes Muslims, immigrants, people with special needs and Mexicans and is proud of his sexual harassments?

This question, which has been asked repeatedly during the past weeks, will be answered the moment results of the U.S. presidential elections are announced at Wednesday’s dawn, GMT timing.Maybe the two candidates are lucky for competing against each other; if Trump was competing against another Democratic candidate, he would have had better chances to win and vice versa. When it comes to issues concerning the Middle East, debates between Clinton and Trump, which have reached an unprecedented immoral level, haven’t discussed any solution or clarified the two parties’ opinions and plans in this regard.

For example, on the nuclear deal with Iran, Trump did not propose any clear substitute for what he has repeatedly attacked whereas Clinton defended this deal then admitted that Iran’s regime poses a threat and hinted the use of military power in case of breach of the deal, but she still did not submit any detailed proposal to counter it.

Moreover, the two candidates neglected bringing up Syria and its catastrophic humanitarian crisis in modern history. This means that they both will carry on with Obama’s policy that could be described as the “indifference strategy.”

Also, debates on Iraq, the U.S. invasion in 2003 then withdrawal in 2011 were futile.