MESOP : TODAYS NEWS FROM YARMOUK / MIDDLE EAST MONITOR Assad regime continues to bomb Yarmouk

 MEM – 12 April 2015 – Syrian government aircraft bombed residential areas in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on Friday, Anadolu has reported.

According to one refugee, who identified himself as Abu-Basim, “The Assad helicopters hit the camp with more than 10 barrel bombs and also launched mortars on the residents.” The bombing caused much damage and destruction in the camp. Abu-Basim stressed that there was no apparent reason to bomb Yarmouk. “I have lived here for 25 years,” he said, “and have never seen anyone holding a gun.” He asked why Palestinian homes are being bombed in a conflict in which they are not involved.

Al-Yarmouk is about 10km from the centre of the Syrian capital, Damascus. It used to be home to around 185,000 Palestinian refugees, of whom only 15,000 remain. The rest have been displaced since the start of the Syrian uprising in March 2011.