MESOP TODAYS INSIGHT ISIS The War Against ISIS Has Just Begun | Bennett Seftel, The Cipher Brief

18 May 2017 – In many ways, while the battles against ISIS in Mosul and Raqqa may soon be over, the war against the terrorist organization has really just begun. Law enforcement bodies, intelligence services, and national security establishments must remain vigilant to prevent terrorist acts from occurring on their soil.

Expert Commentary


ISIS — From the Ground to Cyber Space | Colin Clarke, Political Scientist, RAND Corporation

ISIS’ tenure as an organization that controls vast swaths of territory and claims to be a legitimate caliphate is almost certainly coming to an end. But as the group transitions from an insurgency to an underground terrorist movement, more decentralized and diffuse, it will be able to survive and persist and remain capable of launching sporadic, if not spectacular, attacks.


Why ISIS Is Bullet-Proof | Michael W.S. Ryan, Senior Fellow, Jamestown Foundation

“The jihadist threat will be with us at some level for a long time. The psychic and physical scars from multiple wars will take time to heal. Additionally, the lack of water in a number of countries has destroyed local agriculture and local economies without any alternatives emerging from the chaos.”