MESOP TODAYS DOCUMENT : Joint Statement of Kurdish & Allied Parties in Syria on Turkish Invasion

28 Aug 2016 – Joint Statement: Following the defeat of extremist forces, such as Daesh, conspiratorial plans have started to unfold. Turkey’s latest attack on the Syrian territory in Jerablus city is a continuation of its old/new imperial policy. It is also a plan to occupy more Syrian territory under the pretext of fighting terrorism, i.e. Daesh. However, Turkey’s real plan is to fight against the democratic project, initiated by the Syrian Democratic Council to resolve the ongoing crisis in the country. Turkey’s aim is to create a conflict among the components of Syrian society.

We, the strong believers of democracy who are keen on protecting the security and integrity of the Syrian territory, strongly condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory. We urge the international community to pressure the Turkish regime to stop its interference in the internal affairs of Syria, calling for the immediate withdrawal of its troops from Syria. We also call upon national democratic forces to take the initiative to prevent chauvinist forces from breaking our strong national unity. In addition, we appeal to all forces in Kurdistan to carry out their national duties towards the Syrian people, especially in Rojava – northern Syria and to be cautious about this conspiratorial plan. Thwarting the democratic project in Syria damages the establishment of a unified and democratic Syria and supports terrorist groups in their plan of destroying the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people. Accordingly, the Syrian people categorically reject the Turkish occupation and remain united against it.

Parties of Kurdish National Alliance in Syria:

  • Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî)
  • Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (KDP)
  • Kurdish Left Democratic Party in Syria
  • The Reform Movement – Syria
  • Kurdish Democratic Conciliation Party in Syrian

Parties of Democrats and Leftists Kurdish Alliance in Syria:

  • Kurdistan Renewal Movement in Syria
  • Kurdish Left Party in Syria
  • Kurdistan Greens Party
  • Kurdistan Change Party
  • Kurdistan Labour Party

Democratic Society Movement Parties:

  • Democratic Union Party “PYD”
  • Kurdistan Liberal Union
  • Kurdistan National Rally Party
  • Free National Union – Rojava
  • Kurdistan Communist Party
  • Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party
  • Kurdistan Democratic KDP – Syria
  • Syriac Union Party
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria
  • Star Conference
  • Youth Union of Rojava
  • Arab National Commission
  • Assyrian Democratic Party