MESOP TODAYS : Arguments and Analysis – “Is ISIS Decentralizing?” (Mona Alami, MENA Source)

“There is no doubt that the organization is under pressure and exhausted by the US-led coalition. Its degraded capability will force the organization to revert to its usual playbook. First, the organization will resort to terrorist campaigns against civilians whether in the West or in its so-called caliphate. The Brussels attacks aims at polarizing Western societies and triggering an indiscriminate backlash against Muslims living what it terms the ‘far abroad.’ The organization’s objective is to weaken Muslims’ identification with their countries of citizenship and reinforce the ‘us versus them’ narrative. The return of fighters to countries of origin — over 400, according to media reports — grouped in cells trained for bombing and counterintelligence operations herald the establishment of a network largely autonomous from its mother organization in Iraq and Syria. A similar strategy of terror campaigning has been applied by the organization in Iraq where the organization launched a series of attacks between February 25 and February 29.” Read all