MESOP TODAY : ANOTHER ERDOGAN PURGATORIUM – Government Fires Another 40,000 State Employees

September 03 – 2016 – Turkey’s Government has carried out another purge of State employees following the failed July 15 coup, firing more than 40,000 in three new emergency decrees. Of those fired in Wednesday’s decrees, 28,163 personnel are from the Education Ministry. In the Health Ministry, 2,018 personnel have been dismissed, while 1,642 have been removed from the Finance Ministry and related institutions. About 1,200 were fired from agriculture and social policies ministries.

There were also 302 dismissals from the Prime Minister’s office and 215 from the Foreign Ministry, as well as 312 firings at State broadcaster TRT. Another 2,346 academics have lost their posts.And in the latest purge of security personnel, 7,669 police — including 852 police chiefs — have been released. .