KDP Warns PKK Over Reports of Detained Members  – Such actions won’t be left without response, KDP says

Sardar Sattar  – BasNews – 14 July 2016 – ERBIL — Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) warns Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) over the claims of detaining several KDP members, saying that the party should expect a “sharp reaction.”

PKK media outlets recently reported that they have arrested several people, allegedly members of KDP, in the areas around Qandil mountain. The party accused them of spying for KDP, the largest political party in Kurdistan Region.

Following the allegations, KDP spokesperson released a statement saying that PKK claims are baseless and there is no truth to the accusations through which they slandered some KDP members. The statement says such an attempt by PKK is to oppose to the project of the Kurdish independence referendum in which KDP is playing a leading role. These arbitrary detentions are also intended to legitimize PKK’s agenda imposed on the people of that area, forcing locals to leave their villages and prevent the rehabilitation of other villages in the area, reads the statement.

KDP also warns PKK over violations against its members and supporters, stressing that such actions won’t be left without a response.