PKK’s Activities in Halabjah Province “Facilitated”: KIU Official – The party faces no prohibition for recruiting teenagers from the area, Sheikh Hasan claims

Basnews English – 23 June 2016 – HALABJAH — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) faces no prevention in recruiting young children and expanding its activities across Halanjah province of Kurdistan Region, a Kurdish official says. Sheikh Hasan, a Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) official in Halabjah, claimed that a group of children under the age of 16 have reportedly been recruited by PKK and headed to Qandil mountainous areas — where PKK positions and military camps are located.

Hasan believes that the process of brainwashing teenagers to join PKK is being facilitated, or, at least, faces no prohibition from the local authorities in Halabjah. According to the information obtained by BasNews, several underage locals have recently been recruited by PKK and joined them without their parents’ knowledge.

Mohammed Rafaat, a former MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), previously told BasNews that his party is supporting PKK and will continue this way. However, PUK’s assistance to PKK has recently caused concern in Ankara which is experiencing a three-decade long conflict with PKK.