Kalkans pure essence: Kurdish Independence not now – may be later under APO’s great leadership – and in no case by Barzani


“That the only force representing the freedom and independence of Kurdistan is our party, the PKK. The Kurdish people — under the leadership of the PKK — have been struggling heroically for freedom and independence for the past thirty-six years. The PKK has always been and will always be like this.” (KALKAN)

Independence & Freedom

23 July 2014   – Duran Kalkan( ) – The latest developments in the Middle East has re-intensified the discussions of independence and freedom amongst the Kurds. The administration in Southern Kurdistan is stating that it will “declare independence”. The democratic autonomous cantons in Western Kurdistan are stating that they have installed a “free and democratic way of life”. This brings us nicely to the question of “what is the difference between independence and freedom?”

It is not even worth mentioning that the terms independence and freedom are not new to the Kurdish agenda. The Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan has been trying to develop a Kurdish consciousness regarding freedom and independence for over forty years. The Kurdish people — under the leadership of the PKK — have been struggling heroically for freedom and independence for the past thirty-six years.

This effort and struggle has developed a significant level of awareness and organisation among the Kurds. The Kurdish people have revealed a free will and have brought about the conditions for it to flourish. In this regard, the Kurds have been resisting against all attacks for exactly thirty years. Especially the level of freedom attained by Kurdish women is enabling the Kurdish effort for a free and democratic life to be grounded on the liberation of women.

Despite all of this, the reason that there are internal discussions over the concepts of freedom and democracy amongst the Kurds is not only due to the existence of different views, but more importantly due to purposeful distortions. For example, some believe that “independence and freedom means to possess a separate nation-state”. Just like all nationalisms, this is the assertion of Kurdish primitive nationalism.

Within this framework, the South Kurdistan administration is presenting its preparations of forming a Kurdish nation state by seceding from Iraq as “the independence of Kurdistan”. It is equating the construction of a separate state with being independent. In actual fact, Southern Kurdistan has been a de facto separate state since 1992. For over twenty years it has been living this reality. However, no one would dare call it free or independent.

One must underline certain facts at this point. Firstly, to define independence and freedom in a solely political framework is narrow and inadequate. Before being political, these are mental states. In other words, independence and freedom, are, before anything else, a state of mind. They are a philosophy, an ideology, a way of thought. To be independent and free, one needs to be mentally and spiritually free; and an independent and free thinker.

It is also not correct to place freedom side by side with the institution of the state. The assertion that the state — the force of oppression and exploitation, and the concentrated manifestation of the slavery of society — is a means to freedom is one of the biggest illusions and distortions of all time. The relationship between independence and the state is even more distant. There is no such thing as “an independent state” on the face of the Earth. This has historically been the case, and remains to be so today. The state is, in fact, synonymous with dependence. This reality, that has been snowballing to our day since the Sumerians, is currently the sovereign reality of our world. The essence of the state is a force for organised suppression and exploitation. The state is a system, to be a state means to be a part of the system. This means dependence and collaboration. Small states are dependent on larger states, and they are all dependent to the state system.

It is very clear that the state cannot be free and independent. The statist paradigm has no room for independence and freedom. Only societies with a free and independent consciousness can truly be free and independent. This can only be achieved through the organised individual and society, which will lead to a democratic individual and society.

So, we can see that nowhere in the world is there an independent state and that freedom cannot be attained through statehood. This is why Kurdish freedom and independence cannot be attained through statehood. In this regard, the KDP’s claim that the independence of Kurdistan will be achieved through the declaration of a state is far from the truth.

How can a structure that lacks an independent mentality and spirit, and expects everything from external powers bring about freedom and independence? It only takes a closer look to see that in terms of mentality and way of life the KDP is far from being independent. As a way of thought, it possesses nothing other than capitalist nationalism. Even as a way of life they are fast distancing themselves from the Kurdish way of life and internalising the society-killing ways of capitalist modernity. It is not possible for an organisation like this to bring freedom and independence to the Kurds and Kurdistan.

As I said before, independence and freedom are a state of mind. It is a spirit, an emotion and a thought. It is a way of life. This is the understanding of independence and freedom that is predicated and maintained by the PKK. Our leader Abdullah Ocalan has purified the consciousness of freedom and independence from the dirty hands of the state that is only good for suppression and exploitation and has coupled it with the concept of democracy. Therefore, there is a meaningful an interconnected link between the concepts of independence, freedom and democracy. It is our belief that today, our leader Abdullah Ocalan is one of the most independent and free persons on the planet. The fact that he is in prison cannot change this reality; because independence and freedom is a state of mind and our leader Abdullah Ocalan possesses this state of mind.

Not only is the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan in possession of this state of mind, he is also trying to attain this for the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people with its youth and women are striving to match the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan’s efforts and aiming to embody this state of mind.

This is the independence and freedom lived by the individuals and society of Kurdistan. There is no other means to freedom and independence. Therefore, it is our belief that the only force representing the freedom and independence of Kurdistan is our party, the PKK. The PKK has always been and will always be like this.