MESOP : The Left Western solidarity says nothing again – Assad Regime executes five PLA officers outside Damascus

25 Feb 2015 – The Syrian regime executed five Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) officers in the town of Qatna, 14km southwest of Damascus, for refusing to send reinforcements for the Syrian army’s ongoing campaign in Daraa, reported the Palestinian Refugee Camps News Agencies Union on its Facebook page Tuesday. The regime’s reported execution of the five PLA officers prompted dozens of PLA soldiers to defect and form a new opposition brigade, the “Free Palestinian Liberation Army,” Orient News reported on Tuesday.   Although it is technically part of the PLO, the PLA in Syria fights for the Assad government.  Five PLA soldiers were killed while fighting in Tel Kurdi near Douma, and another died outside Damascus in Deir Atia fighting rebels side-by-side with the Syrian regime, reported the Syrian Solution on Wednesday.