‘Framework Law’ accepted by Turkish Parliament / DISARMING GUERILLA 

ANKARA11.07.2014 09:35:29 –  Firat News – Following the meetings in the Assembly General Session the “Framework Law” titled as “Draft Law to End Terror and Strengthen Social Integration” was accepted at the Turkish Parliament. Turkish Parliament adopted a bill of six articles on reforms to help find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. The bill will allow the government to take all measures necessary to move the talks forward, including steps to grant amnesty.

Article 4 of the bill, which gives the government’s peace process with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) a legal framework, had led to concerns as it grants broad and vague immunity to officials involved in negotiations with the PKK.

The debates started on 8 July after the bill was adopted by the Parliament’s Internal Affairs Commission on July 4.

On 8 July, the first article of the bill, entitled “the aims and content”, and its second article, entitled “application, monitoring and coordination” were adopted.

On 9 July, the 3rd and the 4th articles of the bill were adopted following discussion.

The 3rd article, which authorises the Cabinet to take the necessary decisions regarding the resolution process, was been adopted by 182 votes to 27.

HDP proposes ‘Ministry for Social Peace and Negotiations’

The 3rd article also authorises the “Undersecretary of Public Order and Security” to coordinate all the work related to the resolution process.

HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) has criticised the 3rd article saying that the peace process cannot be dealt with just by an undersecretary whose title contains terms like “order” and “security”.

Instead of an undersecretary, the HDP proposed the establishment of a ministry for the peace process under the name of “Ministry for Social Peace and Negotiations.”

Immunity for officials involved in negotiations

The 4th article of the bill that provides immunity from prosecution for those officials involved in negotiations was adopted with an AKP amendment.

The article states: “There will be no legal, administrative or penal responsibility of those officials who fulfil the duties assigned to them within the context of this law”.

This sentence was amended by the AKP and changed into “There will be no legal, administrative or penal responsibility on those officials who fulfil the duties assigned to them within the context of the clauses a, b and c of article 2 of this law on account of fulfilling these duties”.