MESOP : THE CHANGING SALIH MUSIM IN OTHER WORDS / PYD Co-leader Supports Independent Kurdistan

Imad Bilal – BasNews – 17 March 2016 – ERBIL — Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-leader Salih Muslim has extended his support for the establishment of an independent state of Kurdistan.

In an exclusive interview with BasNews, Muslim revealed that the Syrian Kurds now have a poor relation with Bashar al-Assad’s regime, hoping all sides to address the disputes at a negotiating table. He rejected the reports claiming the construction of air bases in Syrian Kurdistan by USA. “The Syrian Kurdish authorities would have known if there was such a plan,” Muslim stated.Regarding the establishment of a confederal region in Syrian Kurdistan, PYD co-leader said they are still considering the option while attempting to avoid tension with other sides. Muslim expressed his full support for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state “if the declaration is throughout a positive plan.”