“Is US , Israeli or global Freemasonry or other allegations behind it”? / Muslim Kurds abandon their religion to Zoroastrianism to escape “extremism”

Sunday, 03 May 2015 – Shafaq News / The Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs in Kurdistan region said on Sunday that it has received a request from followers of Zoroastrianism to allow them to practice their religious rituals and help in the construction of their temples after their numbers increased in the region.

The ministry’s spokesman , Mariwan Naqshbandi said in a statement posted on his personal account in Facebook that followers of Zoroastrianism appeared again in Kurdistan and made a formal request to have a representative in the ministry and open their own temples.” He explained that the recent months have witnessed the return of those in public and Kurdish cultural circles appreciably, which indicates a migration of Kurdish Muslims to their old religion and. According to Naqshbandi, one of Zoroastrian spiritual leaders had told him that their number in Kurdistan exceeds 100 000 people and they are constantly increasing. Commenting on the reasons why Kurds are converting from Islam , the Kurdish official said ” he doesn’t see the emergence of Zoroastrians and Baha’is before them, with conspiracy point of view or that there is US , Israeli or global Freemasonry or other allegations behind it that some are trying through it to escape from the ongoing facts.”

Naqshbandi explained that “there are intellectual and ideological unrest and various imported Islamic extremist facing the peaceful Muslims in Kurdistan and that caused the majority Muslims in Kurdistan to go towards extremism , political and social chaos made them despair.”

On 19 of last April in Erbil , the Supreme Council of Zoroastrians was formed in Kurdistan, which will promote the Zoroastrian religion and its Prophet Zoroaster. Luqman Haji Karim, the President of the Council the Supreme Council told Shafaq News that Organization of Zoroastrians in Kurdistan (Zend Organization) was founded in Europe in 2006 and transferred its activities to Kurdistan Region to apply for an official acceptance to work in the region. Zoroastrianism dates back to BC and was the religion of the Kurds and neighboring folks like Persians. The official religion of the emirates , kingdoms and empires that had ruled in Mesopotamia areas: