MESOP : The “breakthrough” as a Trojan horse / Nuclear Iran Weekly – Do We Have a Deal? Sticking Points Persist.

 In a Joint Statement on April 2, negotiators announced that Iran and the P5+1 countries have “taken a decisive step” and “reached solutions on key parameters” of a nuclear agreement. But how “decisive” are the “solutions” announced with such fanfare in Lausanne, Switzerland?

The Joint Statement is vague; a fact sheet released by the U.S. government provides more detail, but that document has been questioned by Iranian officials. It appears that many of the issues that have been sticking points since negotiations began remain sticking points. They were papered over and will have to be resolved before the June 30 deadline for a final agreement:

  1. The scope of Iran’s enrichment program / 2. Advanced centrifuge R&D / 3. The fate of the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant / 4. Modification of the Arak Heavy Water Reactor / 5. IAEA Inspections / 6. Clarification of Iran’s alleged weaponization work / 7. E.U. and U.S. sanctions relief / 8. U.N. Security Council resolutions and sanctions. – Read full text: