MESOP “THE BLOODY WAR GOES ON/ON ALL FRONTS” – Turkey bombs major PKK headquarters in Şırnak

October 4, 2016    –  ARA News – URFA – The Turkish Air Force struck several Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) strongholds on Monday. According to military sources, the air raids occurred in Kurdish-majority Şırnak Province, in south-east Turkey. “At least eight PKK positions were bombed by our air force today,” the Turkish Central Command said in a statement, adding that dozens of PKK fighters were killed and injured.

Fighting also raged on the ground, throughout Monday. Intense clashes broke out between the Kurdish PKK insurgents and Turkish security forces in Hakkari Province. The PKK initiated the clashes by bombing a Turkish security centre in the mountainous Hakkari countryside. In a separate attack, the PKK detonated a roadside bomb near Dağlıca village, killing at least two soldiers. “More than 20 Turkish forces were killed in the clashes,” a PKK officer told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We will continue the fight against the oppressive Turkish government until liberating the Kurdish region and ending decades of oppression on our people.” Reporting by: Jan Nasro | Source: ARA News