MESOP : THE BIG RETREAT – IS Leader Orders Jihadists to Get Ready for an Imminent Withdrawal from Iraq / A prominent Iraqi Shi’ite leader says its the beginning of ISIS’ end

Soran Karim – Bas News – 4 June 2016 – MOSUL — Abubakir Al-Baghdadi, the Leader of the Islamic State (IS), has reportedly ordered his group to withdraw from Iraq and move to some other countries.

According to the president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, the Iraqi forces have obtained a letter signed by Baghdadi which was supposed to be received by his men in Iraq.Hakim revealed that in the letter, Baghdadi orders the jihadists in Iraq to gradually withdraw from Iraq, and move to other countries.Hakim also urged the Iraqi government to prepare a prior plan for the post-IS era as the extremist group is realizing its failure in the country. “This is the beginning of the end of IS in Iraq,” he claimed.

Citing a Kurdish official in Sinjar, BasNews previously reported that after the Peshmerga forces liberated a vast area in the east of Mosul in late May, IS is now paralyzed with the fear of an imminent operation on its stronghold of Mosul. Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official, Wahid Bakozi, told BasNews last week that they have obtained a copy of IS leader Abubakir al-Baghdadi’s letter to the group’s commanders, ordering them to eventually withdraw to the major cities as “the people of Iraq and Syria do not deserve the sacrifices IS is making.” The Kurdish official pointed out that, according to Baghdadi’s letter, the jihadists are required to focus on Misrata city of Libya instead of continuing in the current situation of Iraq and Syria.